Back2toes is a unique mobile therapy clinic offering specialist treatments for the whole body, as the name suggests, from the back ...... to the toes! It is run by Eva Ratynska who is trained in sports therapy which ranges from the remedial to the relaxing body massage, Thai foot massage and even extends to a small business focusing on Equine Massage Therapy-ER Massage Therapy.
Eva draws on her experience in all these areas to offer treatments which are tailored to individual needs, be it simply to relax, to restore or maintain health, or maybe to focus on a particular injury.

Back2toes is a mobile clinic which travels all over the UK to various dance or sports events but has a sister clinic ER Massage Therapy in Cirencester. The treatments in both clinics range from holistic massage to specific injury remedial work and can involve specialist cooling/warming wraps as well as scrubs, masks, mud or herbal extracts. These therapies are suitable for all ages, male or female, for chronic and acute conditions, but of course can also be simply indulgent .

Both Back2toes and ER Massage Therapy specialise in Thai Foot Therapy which is aimed at people whose feet become particularly stressed and prone to damage such as dancers or runners. However painful foot conditions can also affect people who stand or sit all day so are increasingly an occupational hazard ..... whatever the cause though we can help.

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