Pedastress Treatment Menu What is Pedastress Foot Therapy?

This is a specialist foot therapy which is part-reflexology and part-sports massage. It is specifically for activities that involve excessive use of the feet, be it walking around a trade fair, dancing all night or running in the local marathon. It can also be tailored to specific problems such as Plantar Fasciitis. The Pedastress Foot Therapy offered at dance events is a bespoke treatment for dancers and can be tailored to a specific type of dance.

peda1.jpgHow can Pedastress foot therapy help?

Participating to excess in activities such as dancing, sports or walking can result in swollen painful feet as well as blisters, pulled ligaments and strained muscles. Every individual and every activity will result in unique stress factors which will require a specific foot therapy tailored to those particular needs. However there are four basic treatments:


This is a gentle stretching massage directed specifically at the muscles and tissues in your feet that you most use in your particular activity. Warming the muscles and gently stretching the tendons and ligaments supporting your joints will mean your feet will be more flexible and therefore less prone to damage. Warming products and techniques, including hot wax may be used.

This is for when your feet are throbbing and swollen. It is a cooling treatment to soothe those hotspots with specialist drainage massage to quickly bring relief. Aches and pains are reduced with specialist stretches and pressures. Cooling products and techniques including Biofreeze may be used.

This is for when you have an injury or reduced performance. Specialist routines can benefit unbalanced muscles, sheath adhesions and help to reduce fibrotic tissue with focussed holds and deep pressures. Warming and cooling products and techniques such as hot wax or Biofreeze may be used. Pedastress Foot Therapy is especially useful in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis.

This is for when you simply want a treat. Maybe it is a special occasion or maybe the daily aches and pains of life need to be eased away. Special soothing massage and gentle pressures to put the fizz back into your skip! Warming and cooling products and techniques may be used, with perhaps a foot-spa, scrub or herbal foot mask.

What happens during a treatment?

On your first visit a detailed case history will be taken, with questions about lifestyle and  general health. This can take up to 15 minutes and therefore to save time please complete the Case History form beforehand and bring with you to your appointment ( click here to download the Case History Form ).

Each Pedastress treatment lasts from 30 - 60 minutes and usually about six weekly sessions are recommended for optimum results. It is a non-invasive therapy and so you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks only, in order for the feet to be treated. The treatment will involve “pressure-walking” with the fingers as well as deep massage techniques and focussed holds. Do not worry if you have ticklish feet as the treatment is very precise and quite firm.

There may be a dramatic reaction to the treatment such as drowsiness, strong emotion, increased bowel movement, flu-type symptoms or skin problems. This is a healthy sign that harmful toxins have been released and is called the “healing response”. It is important to drink plenty of water following the session.

peda2.jpgCan everybody have Pedastress Foot Therapy?

This foot therapy is beneficial for anyone whose feet need special attention. If you can relate to any of the following then Pedastress is for you:

  • - walking around an exhibition all day
  • - sitting in a seminar for hours and perhaps overindulging at the buffet
  • - meaning to put your feet up all day but never actually managing to
  • - shopping until you drop
  • - training for that marathon
  • - dancing your socks off all day…. and all night
  • - twisting your ankle at the local squash court 
  • - pampering your friend before her big day

Since Pedastress treats the whole person and not just their symptoms, most people will benefit from it. However there are a few conditions which may mean treatment cannot go ahead or a doctor’s referral may be required. For instance if you have a verucca or are pregnant. It is important therefore that you discuss any issues with the therapist beforehand.

Price per Treatment

30 minutes …………………£30 30 minutes …………………… £20
60 minutes …………………£45 60 minutes …………………… £50