Back2toes has a number of products for sale at the clinic and on the Back2toes stand at the various events, including Gift Vouchers (see On The Road Products). However if you prefer it is possible to telephone or email your request and we will post the order to you. Please find below a brief description of our best-sellers but as we are constantly weartrialling new products you may find that there are additional items for sale that are not listed:


We all know that having comfortable feet goes a long way towards enjoying life to the full – be it walking all day or dancing all night! The balls of the feet in particular can burn by the end of the day (or night!).
The heel of the foot bears 2/3rd the weight of your body and the ball of your foot bears the remaining 1/3rd. However when high heels are worn this is reversed. On top of that it is a fact that as you age the cushioning fat on the sole of your foot becomes thinner. It therefore makes sense to give as much protection to these areas as possible. Back2toes has been working to produce specialist padded footlets that fit over your toes to protect the ball of your foot and yet are unobtrusive and slim enough to fit inside your shoes. These footlet products are designed to stay on your foot not on your shoe, unlike those sticky little gel pads that seem to slip out of the side of your shoe after a while.


- footlet fits over the toes
- sheer fabric for breathability
- 3mm foam padding underneath to cushion the ball of the foot
- suits sandals and strappy shoes
- one size fits all
- has a non-slip sole to reduce slippage within your shoe
- available in nude and black
- £5.00 per pair

Please note that 10% discount is given on orders over 20 pairs
First 5 pairs     - £2.00
Up to 10 pairs - £3.00
Up to 20 pairs - £4.00

Hand Made Paper Fans

I saw these pretty hand fans seven years ago in Kuala Lumpur and could not resist buying one. Mine is still going strong today and often I am asked where I bought it from. I have at last been able to track down the supplier who agreed to make some especially for Back2toes! They are completely made from bamboo – even the paper is made from bamboo leaf fibre. The tulip shape is traditionally used for dancers’ fans! Because the fans are hand-made, each one is unique. Choose from a variety of colours:

Black, Lilac, Green, White still available
Blue & Pink have sold out

£5.00 each


There are a number of other products which are for sale at the clinic and may also be for sale on the Back2toes stand. If you wish to save on postage it is possible to arrange to pick up any item at an event. Please contact us beforehand to make the arrangements.
Items for sale may change according to the event:

Wobble Disc
- sit or stand on this inflatable disc
- by creating instability your core muscles become stronger and more flexible
- great if you have a sedentary job
- also useful to strengthen your ankles particularly after injury
- Small (24/25 cm ) £15 (plus £3.50 P&P)
- Med  (28/29cm)  £20 (plus £4.50 P&P)  
- Large (32/33cm)  £25 (plus £5.50 P&P)

Ankle, knee or calf supports

- S / M / L
- neoprene
- washable and quick to dry
- £3.00 each
- P&P £3.50
Foot Stretcher
£25 (plus £5.50 P&P)
These are instruments for very specific stretching of the sole of the foot, Achilles tendon and up into the calves and other leg muscles. They are used in the clinic for strengthening and rehabilitation particularly following ankle or foot issues such as Plantar Fasciitis.
Handheld Massager
General Purpose - £65 (plus £5.50 P&P)
 These massagers are only sold to our clients as part of their treatment plan and following instruction from ourselves.


Gift Vouchers
These are always available from the clinic, the mobile stand or simply by contacting us. They are a great present, easy to post or email and can be for whatever amount you wish. Each voucher is valid for 12 months and can be used against a treatment or a product. Telephone 07795420229 to discuss/order


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