What is sports massage?

Sports Massage is a very specific type of massage which manipulates muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is not a gentle rub-down; it is a remedial and therapeutic treatment which can involve firm massage strokes and pressures as well as focussed holds that encourage relaxation and healing.

sportsmass2_1.jpgHow can sports massage help?

One of the greatest benefits of sports massage is in the preparation for and performance of any activity which takes its toll on the body. A pre-event treatment can enhance physical performance by increasing flexibility, breaking down adhesions, improving posture and stimulating the blood and lymphatic systems whilst a post-event treatment helps to cleanse the muscles of acids and deposits, break up fibrous tissues and loosen stiff joints.
In the event of injury sports massage can speed the healing process. It is beneficial for the rehabilitation of tissue damage and aids in the rapid removal of metabolic wastes and build-up of lactic acid thereby reducing muscle soreness and improving recovery times.
As this type of deep massage will encourage the body to release strain patterns and return to a more balanced and normal state, it can also help with general conditions such as lower back pain, tight and aching shoulders and stiff muscles in the arms or legs as part of a maintenance programme.

What happens during a treatment?

On your first visit a detailed case history will be taken, with questions about lifestyle and  general health. This can take up to 15 minutes therefore to save time please complete the form beforehand ( click here to download the Case History Form ).
Each sports massage treatment lasts for 30-60 minutes. Depending on the presenting condition and area to be treated, you will be asked to remove outer clothing and lie on the special treatment couch. Towels are provided for your privacy. Hot Stones may be used to help relax the tissues in order to get the maximum tension release, break up fibrous tissues or focus the pressure. 

A range of treatments may be used, such as:

  • Cooling treatments using ice and/or Biofreeze gel to help reduce swelling and encourage tissue rejuvenation
  • Warming treatments using heat and/or hot stones to stimulate the circulatory systems and soothe those aches away
  • Deep “Baton” technique to roll and stretch the muscle fibres to increase flexibility and suppleness
  • Testing of muscles and joints to check for muscle, tendon and ligament degeneration, flexibility and tension

sportsmass1.jpgCan everybody have sports massage?

There are a few conditions which may mean treatment cannot go ahead or a doctor’s referral may be required, for instance if you have osteoporosis or broken bones. It is important therefore that you discuss this with your therapist prior to your appointment in order to highlight any issues.



Can sports massage help with ......

Back pain? This will depend on what has caused the injury:
- Generally "stiff" or "pulled" muscles  are the result of poor posture or movements such as being stooped over a PC or driving for hours. Awkward lifting and not being "back-aware" are very common problems. Not treated, these conditions can then worsen until the area under tension can go into spasm and become inflamed. This then creates a cycle of pain. Sports massage will encourage the tissues to recover and heal as well as ease the inflammation and pain.
- Sports massage is probably a mis-nomer because the vast majority of issues that present in the clinic are work-related!
- Under certain conditions there might be more serious back injury such as "ruptured" or "torn" muscles, tendons or ligaments. These are often as a result of a sports or motor injury. Again sports massage treatment can form a part of the recovery programme, particularly with the use of hot/cold treatments and drainage therapy.
- Other back injuries such as "slipped" disc may need medical intervention. In the past the advice was to rest, sleep on a firm mattress etc but nowadays it is felt that keeping active and fit is far better. Sports massage may help as part of this regime, particularly in ensuring the surrounding muscles are relaxed and flexible, but it is not always appropriate depending on the position and type of injury sustained. Your doctor will be able to advise you. 

Price per Treatment


30 minutes  ……………...…£30

30 minutes …………………… £20
60 minutes …………………£45 60 minutes …………………… £50